2010 News from BCAR

Prevention Services

BCAR's prevention staff established new testing sites in Brownwood, Haskell, and Sweetwater during the fall of 2009.  We will continue to staff these sites and are looking for other opportunities to test in other parts of our service area.   If you know people who need to be tested or have an idea of a site where we could regularly test, please call Crystal or Jeff for more information.  Our main number is 325-672-3077.

BCAR is planning now for National Black AIDS Awarness Day on February 7, 2010.  We are looking for volunteers to help with this event.  If you want to help make a difference in our community, please give us a call.

Supportive Services

BCAR HIV+ clients will receive a letter this month detailing program changes.  If you haven't called to shedule your service update, you should make the call.  We want to make certain you have the information you need about program changes and how they may affect you.

Local Partnerships Needed to Help our Clients

If you or your organization is interested in helping BCAR provide supportive services to our clients, there are several ways you can help.

Each week our food pantry tries to stock both food staples, nutritious food, and personal hygiene supplies.   We get most of our food from the Food Bank of West Central Texas, but some of our needed items are not readily available.  Instead we must use grant dollars to buy these products.

Every week we give out 60 to 70 rolls of toilet tissue, 30 to 35 bags of laundry soap, plus other personal hygiene products like body soap, shampoo, and razors

Every week we give out between 30 to 35 boxes of macaronni and cheese, 3 to 4 cases of bottled water, and 60 to 70 cans of nutritional supplements (such as boost or ensure.)  

Other food items that are difficult to find at the food bank include "chunky" soups, raman noodle soups, vienna sausage tins, and other easily prepared meals.  Many of our clients don't have the energy or the tools necessary to cook more difficult meals. 

Many of our clients have needs that are not funded through government grants.   Gasoline Gift Cards are very appreciated by our clients and are used to make certain they can get to appointments.