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We are serious about preventing HIV in our community and helping those who are positive.   If you have questions about us or our programs, please give us a call.   (325) 672-3077

We have a new home!

Telemedicine: A welcome partner in HIV care

BCAR Job Openings filled

At this time there are no open positions.  Many thanks to everyone who applied for these positions.  We will keep resumes on file for the next 6 months in the event other positions become open.

BCAR currently has the following job openings.

  • Medical Case Manager
  • Housing (HOPWA) Case Manager

Interested parties can submit resumes or learn more by emailing us - bsims@swbell.net

AIDS Resources of Rural Texas Clinic Closing

The Health & Wellness Clinic is closing effective August 31, 2011.   BCAR encourages our clients who currently receive medical care at the Health & Wellness Clinic in Abilene to take the time to learn about your medical care options before you make a decision.  BCAR staff are here to help you revise your medical care plan for September 1st and beyond.

Remember we have supportive services that can help you search for a new provider.   Call or come by if you need to talk.   1109 Walnut, Abilene, Tx.   325-672-3077

2011 Client Satisfaction Survey

BCAR clients are invited to participate in this year's satisfaction survey.   This your opportunity to share with us in a confidential way how you think we are doing, and how we can improve.  

This year we are also seeking your opinions on how services should continue if significant funding cuts are required due to the current Federal and State budget deficits.

We have never needed your opinion more than now.  Please help us, by taking the survey.   The online version is available here.   Paper copies are available at BCAR.

Thank you so much for helping us with this very important project.

December 1, 2010 - World AIDS Day Activities

Light for Rights

You are cordially invited to attend this year's World AIDS Day service at the Exodus Metropolitan Community Church, 1933 S 27th,  at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, December 1st.

Participants will hear a reading of names of those living with or who have lost their with HIV/AIDS, hear stories people living with HIV here in the Big Country, and have the opportunity to view a panel of the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

This year Abilene is particiating in the international campaign, Light for Rights, which is a reminder that those living with HIV are often denied the fundamental  human rights we all share.  The theme of the campaign is Universal Access and Human Rights.


Other things you can do to remind your friends and neighbors of these fundamental rights.

Wear a red ribbon as a reminder that bullying, hated-filled speech, and violence is never okay.

If you cannot attend this year's World AIDS Day observance, consider this simple reminder to our community.

At 6:30 p.m. we are asking that Churches and businesses turn out their lights for one minute as a reminder of the devastating affect AIDS has had on us all.   Then to turn the lights back on to shine a light on fundemental human rights. 



North Texas HIV/AIDS Community Assessment

If you are HIV positive, please consider taking 5 minutes to answer a brief survey currently being conducted by the North Texas Planning Council.   The collective answers of survey respondents will be used to determine gaps in services and how services are delivered in the future.

This is your opportunity to make your opinions count!  Click the following link to take the survey.


Help Stomp Out Syphilis

The Abilene Health Department and BCAR are combining forces to Stomp Out Syphilis here in Abilene!

If you think you might have been exposed to Syphilis, call or come in today for testing and treatment. 

What to know more about syphilis and HIV, check out our FAQ sheets or call us 325-672-3077 for more information.


Community Focus Groups Forming

BCAR is forming focus groups this month to participate in a series of discussions about  community specific barriers that prevent people most at risk for HIV from learning about their local risks and being tested.

We are looking for people who have risks in one or more of the following categories who would be willing help us.

  • Gay and bi-sexual men
  • Anyone who has ever used illegal IV drugs
  • Anyone living with HIV or living with a person with HIV
  • Anyone who believes he/she is at risk for HIV because of their work or lifestyle

If you are interested in participating in this important study either as a member of a focus group or by participating in a confidential survey, please e-mail us at info@bcartx.net or call us at 325.672.3077


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